Being a bully can be as damaging to a child’s development as being bullied. Here are some warning signs that may indicate your child is bullying other children:
  • Your child starts behaving aggressively, such as getting into physical and/or verbal fights.
  • Your child is obsessed or worries about his or her popularity or level of social acceptance.
  • Your child has friends who bully others.
  • Your child shows little sympathy for other kids who are experiencing bullying.
  • Your child starts being sent to the principal’s office or getting detention frequently.
  • Your child has unexplained extra money or new belongings.
  • Your child blames others for their problems and doesn’t accept responsibility for his or her actions.
  • Your child is spending a lot of time online (cyberbullies spend more time online than other kids).
  • Your child is often testing limits, boundaries and breaking rules.