Here are some warning signs that may indicate your child is being bullied:
  • Unexplainable physical signs, such as cuts, bruises, scrapes or other injuries.
  • Unexplained loss of toys, school supplies, clothing, books, electronics, lunch, or money.
  • Doesn’t want to go to school and may complain of frequent headaches or stomachaches, feeling sick or faking illness.
  • Changes in eating habits – either eating more or less.
  • Difficulty sleeping or nightmares
  • Change in your child’s typical behaviors or personality, such as moodiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, depression, being withdrawn.
  • Being evasive or expressing loneliness.
  • Sudden loss of friends and/or avoiding school situations.
  • Being afraid to ride the bus or use the school bathroom.
  • Drop in grades or loss of interest in schoolwork.
  • Talks about feeling helpless or not being “good enough.”
  • Self-destructive behavior, such as running away from home, harming themselves or talking about suicide.
  • Begins bullying siblings or younger children.
Here are some materials you can explore to hear a variety of perspectives and tips for parents on how to respond if your child is being bullied. With increasing awareness of this issue, there is a lot more media attention so be on lookout for ideas and information and seek advice from someone you trust, like your child’s pediatrician or a school counselor.