These materials were developed to inform and assist anyone involved in, or caring about, issues of childhood trauma. Please read through their intended uses and help spread awareness for the help and hope available to children and families if we all simply Look Through Their Eyes.
Media Kit
The Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition encourages the media to help parents understand issues related to the prevention, identification and treatment of childhood trauma. To download a media kit, please click here.
This Kit contains:
  • Statistical Fact Sheet
  • Topical Fact Sheet
  • Tracking Postcard
  • ICTC Brochure
La Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition está desarrollando una serie de anuncios de servicio público (PSA) para ayudar a crear conciencia sobre el trauma infantil entre los padres de familia y cuidadores en Illinois. Estas piezas exhortan a los padres a mirar a través de los ojos de sus hijos para ver si acaso, y en qué forma, su niño está luchando con algo traumático. Invitamos a los medios de comunicación y a otras organizaciones que estén interesadas en compartir estos PSA's.
trauma infantil
A veces, lo que parece una discusión normal entre los padres puede tener un impacto duradero en los niños, lo que puede llevar a un trauma.
La Intimidación
La intimidación y el acosamiento pueden herir a un niño físicamente, y causar trauma emocional.
It sometimes seems that our children grow numb to the violence and crime that besiege many communities.
Niños Pequeños
A child who often feels alone, neglected or scared, may result in childhood trauma.
Palm Cards
These cards—in both English and Spanish—have been developed as a handy tool for distribution by any agency, organization or individual who comes in contact with families in stressful, potentially traumatic situations. The Short version introduces parents and caregivers to the possibility of childhood trauma, and points them to this website to learn more. The Long version additionally includes brief sections on Common Causes, Signs of Trauma, Ways to Prevent it, and What to Do if You See Signs of Stress.

Short Version-English

Short Version-Spanish

Long Version-English

Long Version-Spanish